MISSION - STOP ANIMAL ABUSE - Part of proceeds donated to this cause, which additionally inherits  part ownership of the company

  • Lifetime Guarantee
    Pets with Accessories
    Matching People & Pet Accessories
  • Custom-Made - Affordable at NO Additional Cost
    Shops Sell the 6 Standard Designs
  • 18k Gold-Plated Brass Rim, 14k Gold-Plated Hardware
    Semi-Precious Stones - Hand Cut
    Jasper, Onyx, Agate, Carnelian
    Faux Stones - Made In Germany
  • USA Assembled
    Leather - Stitched OR Fused - NO Rivets
    Small Pets - Imported Soft English Cow Leather
    Large Pets - Harness Leather
  • Solid D-Hook in the Middle of Collar
    Ensures Stones At Back of Pet's Neck Remain Visible
    Rim - Custom manufactured so stones stay secure through pet's scratching and rough-playing
    Lead - Same Finished Look on BOTH Sides - Stitched

New Fashion Line

    • Treat your pet to our fashionable European custom-designed collars, harnesses and leads.
    • Our designs, accented with imported stones, harmonize with the colors of your pet's luxurious coat.
    • Show off your pet wearing distinguished and matching jeweled collar.
    • D-hook is placed at the back of collar to ensure visibility of stones. Size 8" collar has D-hook on the side.
    • Match your wristband with your pet's
      collar/harness for closer harmony.
    • Select our luxury Semi-Precious stones from Asia to adorn jewelry/accessories for you and/or your pet.
    • Stones are hand-cut and bezel-set in gold-plated brass rim.
    • Select our quality Faux stones from Germany to accent jewelry/accessories for you and/or your pet.
    • Stones are bezel-set in gold-plated brass rim.
    • Select a matching lead for your pet's collar or harness. Both sides have SAME finish with stitching.